3007, 2015

Introducing OWLCLAM by Nathan Jurevicius

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Owlclam is a Japanese-made vinyl figure standing 6.5" tall and featuring five points of articulation. Each figure is signed by the artist. Exclusively available at Magic Pony in very limited quantities.

2507, 2015

New Be@rbricks from Medicom

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Paying tribute to the king of Pop Art and Charles Schulz's Peanuts, the Andy Warhol and Snoopy the Astrobeagle Be@rbricks will be released in 100% 400%, and 1000% sizes.

1807, 2015

Upcoming Exhibition: Flat Sun on a Disc of Water

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Magic Pony is pleased to share Flat Sun on a Disc of Water, a new group exhibition opening at our sister gallery, Narwhal. Artists Leon Benn, Michelle Blade , Lisa Diquinzio, Paul Hardy, Hanna Hur and Josh Thorpe, come together together to create a harmony of tropic illusions as they contemplate the dualities of nature and the moods it can provoke.

1507, 2015

Upcoming Kidrobot Releases

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Pre-Order & save on Kidrobot's upcoming Fall releases including 8 inch Dunnys by Ron English Scott Tolleson and WuzOne!

2406, 2015

Junko Mizuno’s Violet Soda Lady 8″ Dunny | Available July 2015

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We’re delighted to reveal the long awaited Violet Soda Lady 8” Dunny designed by Junko Mizuno and produced by Kidrobot. Based […]

1906, 2015

Hey Toronto! It’s a Yummyworld!

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Our plushy food pals Lemmy Lemonade, Mindi Mint, Flaco Taco, Bonny Box Melon, and Paulina, Petey, Pauly and Peah Pods recently landed in Toronto and we spent some time showing them around the city, introducing them to a few of our favourite snack shacks, bakeries, and food markets. Here are some highlights from our Toronto Yummy World Tour!

1706, 2015

Hi-Fructose Volume 36

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The 36th volume of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in July! Reserve your copy now.

606, 2015

Kozyndan Exhibition | Paul Smith Marunouchi, Japan

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Narwhal Project is happy to share news of gallery artist Kozyndan's exhibition at Paul Smith in Marunouchi, Japan, as part of Art-a-Round, a project featuring exhibitions by international artists in Paul Smith's three locations in Japan.

506, 2015

Studio Visit with Luke Painter

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We had the opportunity to visit visual artist Luke Painter in Toronto and garner some insight on the current exhibition, his artistic process, and inspirations. Roll Up That Tender Air and the Plant Dies, the Colour Fades runs until June 13 at Narwhal.

106, 2015

Team Macho x Fake Injury Party Digital Collaboration for CBC

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Toronto based art collective Team Macho and Fake Injury Party have been secretly at work on an animation for the upcoming digital project on CBC launching in Fall 2015.

106, 2015

The Magic Pony Toy Vault is Open

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From Ashley Wood and David Choe, to early Kidrobot classics like Labbits and Dunnys, from rare Medicom Kubrick sets to the mythological AD-AT by Bill McMullen - now is the time to score that coveted toy that you've always dreamed of adding to your collection. Shop now - Extremely limited stock!

2805, 2015

Framed Print Sale – Up to 60% Off all Framed Prints

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Time to add some new art to your walls! We’re offering a special discount off all framed prints in our shop […]

102, 2015

Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession II | From Feb 21 – March 14, 2015

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Narwhal Contemporary is pleased to present Ambrosial Affair, an exhibition of new works by internationally celebrated Japanese artist Junko Mizuno. […]

1912, 2014


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We fell hopelessly in love with Japan from the first moment we discovered the existence of this magical land. In […]

1912, 2014

The Art of Handcrafted Japanese Wooden Animals

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If you are looking for a Spririt Animal to guide you into 2015, we may just have the solution.  The story […]

1512, 2014

Stuff your Stocking for under $20

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Everybody loves looking forward to Christmas morning, gifts are passed around and everyone is left with a big smile on […]

1312, 2014


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One day while checking our Magic Pony e-mail we came across a note from Justin Wallis who wanted to share […]

1212, 2014

The Sparkle Frosty Word of the Day is: Species1000

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Founded in 2005 by Erica Bradbury in Brooklyn, New York, Species by the Thousands is a jewelry line influenced by […]

1112, 2014


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Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries – but not this collection! Meet the incredible Cubebot family. […]

312, 2014

Making Print History

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Artist prints are a wonderful way of bringing your favourite pieces of artwork into your own home. Printmaking is a […]

2611, 2014

Beware of the Beast
Limited Edition Game Set

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Announcing the
Created by Toronto artists Jamiyla Lowe and limited to a highly collectable […]

2411, 2014

Junction Flea Holiday Market Dec 5-7th

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Join us as Magic Pony returns to the Junction for the Junction Flea Holiday Market on Dec 5-7th. We’ve got […]

2211, 2014

A Little Film About… Jean Jullien

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A Little Film About… Jean Jullien from Handsome Frank on Vimeo.

We thought everyone might enjoy this short film  about Jean […]

2111, 2014

Shop Local! Exclusive Team Macho Prints

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Looking to shop Canadian this Holiday? Look no farther than these exclusive print editions from Canadian art collective Team Macho. With a penchant […]