UPDATE: As of Jan 2015, Magic Pony’s NEW PERMANENT LOCATION will be at our gallery space NARWHAL at 2104 Dundas St West, Toronto.

After 10 years in Toronto’s Queen West Arts District, Magic Pony will be closing it’s Queen St location Feb 23, 2014.

Ten years ago I was randomly flipping through a NOW magazine browsing the rental properties and by chance noticed a second floor gallery for rent on Queen Street West. Steve and I had been dreaming about opening a shop completely unique to anything that existed in Toronto, but storefronts were too expensive for our weird ideas. As fate would have it, the space was perfect for us and in 2003 we moved in and opened Magic Pony, becoming the first designer toy shop in Canada.

In the beginning, like the name itself, Magic Pony was something rare and magical you had to discover. The early visitors to Magic Pony became our longtime friends and collaborators and the relationships developed over that first year were formative to our existence today. What started as an experiment in sharing our passions evolved into a collaborative community of artists and designers from around the world and a platform for artists and creators to share new ideas. This has led to amazing creative discoveries, friendships, exhibitions, performances, and truly phenomenal experiences. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our dream of a ‘concept shop’ realized in the inspirations and enthusiasm of those surrounding us and for it to have grown into something far beyond what we ever could have imagined.

Magic Pony / 785 Queen St W, 2nd floor (2003-2005)


As a business fueled by creative projects, we’ve always found a way to survive, but there’s been a harshness to the last few years in small business that has taken it’s toll and threatened our existence. We’ve found that there are compromises we don’t want to make in order to remain on Queen Street and we’d rather take this somewhere new, where the sky is open with possibility. And so, with the inevitable development of Queen Street, our time has come to leave.

Magic Pony / 694 Queen St West (2005-2010)


Magic Pony has always been a spell made to share with all the other magic makers out there. It was just two people when we began, but now Magic Pony is a creative community that continues to expand. The physical space appeared to us when we needed to connect, and now in order to grow and change we need to leave Queen Street and become part pop-up shop, part website and part hologram as we explore the possibilities of where to take this into the future.

As long as we continue to combine our energy with those who love Magic Pony the way we do, it will only continue to grow. We’re excited about what the future holds and the possibilities for Magic Pony to connect with the universe. Thank you for your love, support and enthusiasm. Magic Pony exists because of you. And please continue to follow Magic Pony online (Twitter, Instagram, online shop) and in person at our new and exciting Pop-Up Shop at The Design Exchange at 234 Bay Street, as part of the “This is Not a Toy’ exhibition until May 19.

A huge Thank You to all of our customers and supporters over the past 10 years. You are truly magical.

And special thanks to all of the artists and Pony Pals that have been a part of this story:
Derrick Hodgson, Nathan Jurevicius, Kozyndan, Lauchie Reid, Stephen Appleby Barr, Nicholas Aoki and Chris Buchan of Team Macho, Jacob Whibley, Michael Comeau, Julie Moon, Junko Mizuno, Noel Middleton, FriendsWithYou, James Jarvis, Russell Waterman, Pete Fowler, Lars & Peter, Jon Burgerman, Jeremyville, Xavier Burt, Yone, Jun Shigenobu, Gina Garan, Tara McPherson, Joe Ledbetter, TADO, Devilrobots, Mad Barbarians, Mars-1, Jim Crawford and Strangeco, Kidrobot, Chad Phillips, Lev, Dalek, Sonja Ahlers, Carly Waito, Allysa Coe, Melinda Josie, Ginette Lapalme, Patrick Kyle, Chris Kuzma, Andrew Wilson, Nicholas DiGenova, Adrienne Kammerer, Jamiyla Lowe, Katie Horan, Trudie Cheng, Tania Sanhueza, Andrew Pommier, Eric Quebral, Nick Flanagan, Jason DeGroot, Rory Caffrey, Clarence Kwan, Wes Dix, Daniel Auguacil, Matt and Lena, Sydney, Rafi Ghanaghounian, Tomo Lennon, Dehara, Jason McFarlane, Bettie Cott, Marta Mackenzie, Natash Eloi, Terri Lipman, William Anderson, Kevin Hearn, Tyler Stewart, Matthew Feyld, Heather Goodchild, Naomi Yasui, Jepoy Garcia, Exploding Motor Car, Seth Scriver, Allyson Mitchell, Lisa Kiss, Mikey Apples, Morley Shayuk, Tyler Clark Burke, Will Munro, Space 1026, C’est Moi Ce Soir, Mamechiyo, Jason Jaworski, Alvaro Ilizarbe,  Kris Kuksi, Monster Factory, Paul Dallas, Douglas Coupland, Julia Roberts, Petra Collins, Tavi Gevinson and Rookie Mag, Corey Moranis, Hanna Sung, David Jager, Amy Miranda, Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart, Alicia Nauta, Melissa Fisher, Selena Wong, Robert Dayton,  Noel Dix, Derek Kinsman, Alex Hurter and Kim Sison, Emily Bricker, Gemma Correll, Alexandra McKenzie, Christy Langer, Theo Gallero, Lydia Klenk, Lara Vincent, Justin Wallis (Milkbbi), Philippe Blanchard, Alex McLeod, Jenn Godbout, Jon Davies, Derek Sullivan, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Maggie McDonald, Murray White, Clara Venice, Jeremy Gara, Katie Merchant, Petra Cuschieri, Randy Gladman, Mt Royal Mint (Sabina), Lepos, Alynne Lavigne, Misaki Kawaii, Beci Orpin, Shannon Gerard, Justin Pape, Jon Izen, Drawn and Quarterly, Ron Mann, David Angelo, Anne Koyama, Ben Lee, The Wessels, Jonathan Elias, Matthew Seiden, Steve Mykolyn, Chris Butcher, Peter Birkemoe, Colin Geddes, Ebanks!, Jesi the Elder, Robin Nishio, Zion, German Shible, Jonathan & Sam, the Resfest Toronto peeps, Aaron Leighton, Sean Wainsteim, Steve Manale, Steve Wilson, Helen Yu, Doug Brown, Tisha Myles, Nikki Anden, Leah Turner, Katherine McFarlane, Ashley Karas, Megan McKenzie, Hanne Whitfield, Marty Spellerberg, Pam Hong, Diana McNally, Jacob Ireland, Rizie Roculan, Zannie Doyon, Eunice Luk, Tess Reid, Jeannie Phan, Juliann Wilding, Brittany Shepard, Jackie Linton, Allyssa Garrison, Katrina Cervoni, Linda Columbus, Jackie Musial, Andrew Remington-Bailey, Diana Vandermeulen, Inez Genereux, Kendra Yee, John Wee Tom, Sara Nickleson and Shauna Levy.

Thank you!! We love you!!!!
Kristin Weckworth and Steve Cober
Co-creators of Magic Pony


Magic Pony Promo Postcard (2004)

“Forests Have Feelings Too” / Nathan Jurevicius Solo Exhibition / Aug 2004

Magic Pony pop-Up Shop Design Exchange Magic Pony Pop-Up Shop / The Design Exchange / Feb 7 – May 19, 2014

UPDATE: As of Jan 2015, Magic Pony’s NEW PERMANENT LOCATION will be at our gallery space NARWHAL at 2104 Dundas St West, Toronto.