Could there be anything better than a holiday that involves dressing up in costumes, free candy and spookiness? It’s a perfect trinity of amazing reasons to enjoy being on earth and I hope you all are as excited as I am to transform into a creature of the night.

At Magic Pony, we try to make it a little bit like Halloween everyday. Wearing costumes or creating characters, sharing treats and celebrating the darker side of our imagination are amazing ways to enjoy our creativity. In the spirit of Halloween, here are some of my favourite Magic Pony items.

1. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel Black Licorice Bracelet

Mmm candy!! so shiny, so bright. Some candy maybe even looks better than it tastes. Black liquorice is in this category for me. How genius is this bracelet Tibi Tibi Neuspiel created? Hand cast and super limited, Tibi created this piece in urethane using a real piece of liquorice and the likeness is uncanny.

2. Marcel Dzama Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore

Oh Canada, these are amazing. Based on the blister pack Star Wars action figures, Marcel Dzama has created our very own Canadian super group with weird woods, clouds and sea snake characters. Super collectible, very rare. From our toy vault.

3. FriendsWithYou Super Malfi Inflatable Bop Bag

How awesome would this be as a costume? Or as a stand in when trick or treaters come to the door? Or as a post candy binge work out partner? or as your new best friend? Endless arms of joy, this guy.

4. Team Macho Ouija Board

One time on a school trip we played with a ouija board and things got…WEIRD. Since then I’ve been too afraid to use one, but this limited edition wood board by Team Macho seems the way to go if you want to break on through to the other side. Between the spirits of the six toed cat Punchclaw and loveable eyesore Whiskey Boot, there is no way this board would let you down. You’ve been warned.

5. Toshio Saeki, Untitled II – Limited edition letterpress from his 1972 original drawing

Do you ever have those dreams where you are being chased? What about being chased on a legless hobby horse by a blue man wearing only socks and gloves while dipping his hands a bucket of blood? You can thank Toshio Saeki for your next nightmare. At least he’s wearing a mask so you won’t catch his cold, considerate ghoul.

6. Junko Mizuno Hansel and Gretel

I love all Junko Mizuno’s manga, and her interpretations of classic fairy tales are hilarious, cute and weird. This one takes the traditional story of Hansel and Gretel and adds some girl power, dark magic and psychedelic imagery. From a pig that slices meat off his belly for you to eat, to a pink haired heroin, this book will surprise and delight.

7. Alicia Nauta Someday Plants Will Cover Everything

Alicia Nauta shared that the idea for this print came from the realization that someday the human species may be gone, and that plants will rule the earth. Though this is kind of a nice thought as I really love plants, it also gave me goosebumps to think of them growing and overtaking the world as we know it. Spooky Scary!


What’s your favourite part of Halloween? Candy? Costumes? Scary movies? Spooky songs? We’d LOVE to hear about your Halloween favourite thing and see your awesome costume. Leave us a comment, picture, or link below for your chance to win a $50 Magic Pony Gift Card. Contest ends Oct 31 at MIDNIGHT!!

Everyday is Halloween!

Happy Halloweekend Ponies <3 Time for me to go work on my giant glo-stick costume.

xo Kristin Ponygirl