Magic Pony was in Tokyo for Halloween this year and joined the celebrations in Shibuya, which was totally crazy! Thousands of characters filled Hachiko square and the surrounding area, delighting in checking each other out and being seen. Halloween is still a new concept in Japan. It began catching on around 2012 through the influence of Western visitors, and since then has exploded into a full cosplay parade of cute and scary. Japan is known for embracing the art of dressing up and in just a few short years have upped the Halloween costume game to the max.

As you can see, taking pictures together and partying in costume are the focus of Tokyo Halloween. Door to door trick or treating and candy collecting are still a rare activity, but considering how epic the costume side of Halloween has become in just a few short years, we expect it will continue to evolve in a way that only Japan can imagine. Many groups of friends also choose to go out in the same costume resulting in large crews of Pikachus, Super Mario Bros, Kiki’s Delivery Service gals, and Sailor Moons roaming Tokyo, kind of like a super cute weird happy version of the Warriors! What did you go as for Halloween? We’d love to see your costume pictures and hear about the costume trends where you live in the comments below.