Scarygirl artist Nathan Jurevicius has just released his newest character, Owlclam. Premiering at the Throwback exhibition at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Owlclam is a Japanese-made vinyl figure standing 6.5″ tall and featuring five points of articulation. Each figure is signed by the artist.  Available at Magic Pony in very limited quantities.



Drawing inspiration from his Lithuanian heritage and its folklore, Owlclam is the culmination of his ever-expanding Peleda universe, his Sakotis exploration, and his love of ocean-based myths. The word “Peleda” means “owl” in Lithuanian and Sakotis is a Lithuanian spiked tree cake that almost has the look of dried coral.


Screen shot from Nathan Jurevicius’ Peleda game (2015).


Sakotis drawings by Nathan Jurevicius (2014)

How vinyl toys like Owlclam are made by Japanese artisans:

New Prints released as part of Nathan’s recent exhibition:


Sakotis Owlclam Print
17 x22″ S/N  Edition of 25.


David and Goliath
8 x 10”, S/N Edition of 50

Pictured is the epic battle between the Philistine giant Goliath and the young boy David. David overcomes Goliath with a single blow to the forehead using a sling.


Jonah and Whale
8 x 10”, S/N Edition of 50

While running away from his duty to tell the city of Ninevah to repent, Jonah is swallowed by a large fish (generally represented as a whale). After three days he is spat out onto the seashore.


Ehud and Eglon
8 x 10”, S/N Edition of 50

Ehud is a left-handed biblical judge who one evening stabs the obese Moabite King Eglon in the stomach. The king is so fat that when the knife is lodged deep inside Eglon, he then proceeds to lose his intestines.

Other Nathan Jurevicius Products:


Peleda Win-Up Minifigures
8 x 10”, edition of 50


Peleda Mountain Queen Print
Two sizes available, Edition of 25


Scarygirl Old Man Mountain Print
17 x 22″, edition of 20

About Nathan Jurevicius
Nathan Jurevicius is a Canadian based Australian artist whose diverse range of work has appeared in numerous publications, advertising campaigns, and galleries around the world. His most acclaimed project to date is Scarygirl, a brand that since 2001 has developed an underground fan following manifested in comics, limited-edition vinyl toy figures, console games and internationally exhibited artwork. Scarygirl is now in pre-production for an animated feature film.

In 2013, Nathan completed his action/adventure mini series ‘Peleda‘, co-produced with his brother Luke for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Since its launch Peleda has won an Australian Academy Award (AACTA) for Best Production Design and two New York Kidscreen Awards. Currently, Nathan is directing a short film based on his children’s book/graphic novel Junction (published by Toronto’s own Koyama Press). Nathan has had two solo exhibitions with Magic Pony – Forests have Feelings Too (2004) and Reformation (2008) and was one of the featured artists in PonPon Pony Jam  at the This Is Not a Toy exhibition (2014).