• rilakkuma at magic pony

Relax with Rilakkuma :D

Rilakkuma is everyone's favourite cuddly character. You'll always have a large smile on your face whenever he is around. If [...]

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Magic Pony Horoscopes for November

ARIES This Month: Aries, it’s no secret that you’re the life of the party. When friends need a little extra [...]

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  • magic pony halloween

Cute & Spooky Halloween Inspiration

Everyone's favourite holiday is just around the corner, the super spooky night of Halloween. Can you believe that this ancient [...]

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Designer Spotlight: Dusen Dusen

Everyone’s got that one friend. You know who we mean. The one who manages to look effortlessly stylish no matter [...]

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Soft Goth Fashion Guide

Fall is upon us, and between the chilly weather, the ominous clouds, and tonight’s lunar eclipse/blood moon, now’s the perfect [...]

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Designer Spotlight:
Inside the Weird World of Lazy Oaf

If you’re a lover of bright colours, bold design, or even familiar characters like Garfield, you’ve probably seen a piece [...]

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Magic Pony Horoscopes for October

Has waiting on Susan Miller's latest predictions got you down? Afraid to venture out into the world without a little [...]

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  • milkbbi at magic pony toronto

Designer Spotlight: MILKBBI

MilkBBI was originally created as a way for designer Justin Wallis to share his drawings with the world – but [...]

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  • magic Pony totoro toronto

The Enduring Appeal of Totoro

It’s a fact:  everybody  loves Totoro. From the movie’s intricately crafted storyline to its gorgeous art direction, from its catchy [...]

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  • junk food clothing

A Brief History of Junk Food in Clothing

For years, junk food never really got the respect it deserved. Parents, teachers and  dentists all told us to steer [...]

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Fashion Magic! Magic Pony parties at the DX

On Wednesday, we kicked off our newest chapter in the Design Exchange in style. The opening party for the DX's Politics of [...]

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  • new magic pony shop

Magic Pony Finds A New Home At Design Exchange!

Good news, design-lovers! Magic Pony is happy to announce that as of September 2014 we’ll be settling in to our [...]

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What is a Be@rbrick?

Inspired by the crossover of high and low pop-culture, the first series of Be@rbricks premiered in Tokyo, Japan in 2001 [...]

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  • lauchie reid oil paintings narwhal

Hyacinths & Thistles
Lauchie Reid Solo Exhibition
Sept 6 – Oct4.14

Opening Reception:Saturday Sept 6th 2014 from 3-8pmNarwhal / 2104 Dundas St West Hyacinths & Thistles is Lauchie Reid’s third solo [...]

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Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics
Design Exchange / Opening Thurs Sept 18th

Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics, guest curated by international fashion icon Jeanne Beker with DX curator Sara Nickelson, [...]

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Happy Infinity Day!

Infinity is a vast and abstract concept describing something without any limit, and is relevant in a number of fields, [...]

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  • moomin valley photos magic pony tove 100

Magic Pony Visit to Mini Moominvalley in Japan

Last Spring, Magic Pony was on a Tokyo adventure and we visited the Tove 100 exhibition as a celebration of [...]

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Getting To Know You:
Food Publications at Magic Pony

What is your favourite thing to do? Eat?  Read?  Cook?  Bake? Look at art? Study design? Learn new things?  Well if [...]

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  • kozyndan at magicpony

Kozyndan celebrate the Magic in the Universe

In 2012, our favourite artist duo Kozyndan exhibited at  Narwhal (Magic Pony's sister gallery) with Breaking Circles, Broken Light.  The show expressed a deep connection to the [...]

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  • simpsons silver homer buddha

Silver Anniversary Homer Buddha

It’s the silver anniversary of your favourite dysfunctional family! Celebrate 25 years of The Simpsons with a special 7” silver edition of Homer [...]

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Opening Photos :
View Point Geon Group Exhibition

On July 17 we opened an amazing summer exhibition at our sister gallery, NARWHAL, located at 2104 Dundas Street West [...]

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  • hi-fructose magic pony

Get Creative! Be featured on the next Hi-Fructose Back Cover

Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of Hi-Fructose magazine? Well actually it's the back cover... But as [...]

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  • David Choe Munko Plush

Hug it Out! David Choe Munko Plush

Magic Pony  is  very excited to announce that we are now carrying the new David Choe Munko Plush in our [...]

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  • world snake day

Bringing Together All S-S-S-Snake-Lovers!

Did you know that July 16th is celebrated as World Snake Day?  In case you don't understand Parseltongue, this means that there [...]

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