One day while checking our Magic Pony e-mail we came across a note from Justin Wallis who wanted to share his creation MILKBBI with us. When we scrolled down to see the images, RAINBOW MAGIC EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY! It turned out that Justin was a Pony Pal from a not so distant dimension called the American South and that MILKBBI was something like a waking dream for us. It was love at first site.

What is MILKBBI?
This is the brand created by 23 year old Justin Wallis to showcase his colourful and intricate drawings. Inspired by Tokyo street fashion, video games, sunsets, cacti, galactic worlds, digital pets and other such important subject matters, Justin applies his drawings onto different textiles, stationery, and accessories to make super cute, weird, alien wearable delights. Justin is completely self-taught as an artist and does most of his work using le pens and Copic markers, two Magic Pony faves.

We began carrying MILKBBI through Magic Pony in 2013 and were one of the first shops to be blessed with the MILKBBI product line. We soon learned that Justin had developed a cult following online and that his incredible manga styled sweatshirts and other clothing items were collector’s items before they even reached the shop. Just like us, those who had been lucky enough to discover MILKBBI knew that this was something totally magical and delightful and unlike anything else that existed on planet earth. Pure perfection!



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A MILKBBI gift would make the dreamer, raver, gamer, manga reader, cutie pie, alien, and style maker in your life see stars and hearts for days. Whether you go for one of Justin’s retro flip phone tshirts, or an intergalactic pouch you will be keeping things cute, supporting young art and helping spread magic this Sparkle Frosty season.