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Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries – but not this collection! Meet the incredible Cubebot family. Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, these wooden sculptures are a non-traditional take on the toy robot by joining ancient Japanese traditions with contemporary toy culture. Their sturdy hardwood frames can hold hundreds of poses and when playtime is over, they each neatly fold up into unassuming cubes.

Cubebots provide endless hours of imaginative fun, combining our love for contemporary design, imaginative play, puzzles and building blocks into one massively fun robot pal. We are sure Cubebot will become a classic toy to be enjoyed for many years to come. Equally engaging for all ages, and available in a rainbow of colours along with classic wood, Cubebots are a perfect Sparkle Frosty pick for the architect, builder, designer, robot aficionado and toy lover on your holiday list.

USE THE CODE CUBEBOT UNTIL DEC 11 11:59pm to receive 15% off all Cubebots in our shop.

Free shipping is available across N. America on orders $50 or more and we also offer a free pick up in shop option for those who can stop by our Design Exchange location (234 Bay Street) in person.

Want to see Cubebot in action?
Check out this super fun video which also reveals one of the world’s biggest mysteries…how do you get Cubebot back from robot form and into cube form once he’s started dancing? Watch and find out!


SHARE THE LOVE! Lovebot Toy Release
Magic Pony, April 23rd 6:30pm

lovebot magic pony
In celebration of the Toronto-based social art project to spread love and kindness initiated by designer Matthew Del Degan in 2012, Magic Pony is proud to present the first ever Lovebot Designer Toy - a special collaboration between Lovebot, Magic Pony and The Design Exchange.

To commemorate the This Is Not a Toy exhibition, each Lovebot has been created in a special colourway. This Lovebot release is limited to 30 individual 5″ figures, each accompanied in handmade boxes with signed & numbered certificates. Come share the Love and support Canadian Design!

This Is Not a Work Party
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
6-9pm. Artist will be in attendance.

Magic Pony Pop-Up Shop
The Design Exchange
234 Bay St (just south of King on Bay)
Toronto, ON
Contact us for details.


What is The Robot Love Invasion?
Led by designer and Lovebot creator Matthew Del Degan, The Robot Love Invasion (#LoveInvasion) is a Canadian-based art movement to share love and kindness. In August 2013, with a group of over 30 volunteers, Del Degan created an loveing army of 100+ 250 lb child-sized Lovebot statues. Each concrete monument acts as a catalyst to share love and kindness, and honours individuals or organizations that have made Toronto a better place. Lovebots and their corresponding stories can be discovered on

lovebot matthew del degan magic pony


The Love Invasion was featured on the cover of the Toronto Star and has garnered further attention from major networks including Global, CBC, Space Network, MTV and CTV National, as well as numerous design publications, radio stations, newspapers and blogs.

This project has spawned The Global Love Invasion movement now lead by Del Degan and his charitable initiative the Lovebot Leaders. The Global Love Invasion consists of people from all over the world contributing to love and kindness in their communities.



Huck Gee’s Penelope McStompalot 8″ Dunny / Arrives Feb 13th

Part mechanic, part engineer, and part talent show winner, Penelope McStompsalot hand built her Blowback Industries DUNN-7™ wasteland stomper from the salvage of 4 different mechs and a 2135 Chevy Bel Air. She may be a no nonsense, one eyed, red headed beauty but don’t let the good looks fool you – she’s as handy with a sawed off shotgun as a lithium power wrench. Eat lead wasteland sand suckers.

From San Francisco artist and customizer Huck Gee’s toy treasure trove comes the Penelope McStompsalot Dunny: a 8-inch vinyl vessel, fitted with a 3-inch vinyl Dunny pilot. A marvel of vinyl engineering, the mecha-creation is displayed in a window box designed by the artist.

“Les Viandardes. The Ladies of Meat” by McBess. Available Now!


Meet Les Viandarde, the ladies of meat. Rock and roll twins sport Mcbess’ signature styling in graphic black and white. Covered in tatts of food, dead pirates, and music, these 10-inch vinyl sexy sirens are caught in free loving motion with divine detail. Wielding an impressive axe, Les Viandardes are the groupies of dead rocker dreams.

Limited edition of 1000. Available now!





The Hunted 8″ Dunny


The springbuck. Nimble protectors over the southern plains of Africa. Once revered, they struck fear in the eyes of enemies big and small. Springbucks kept peace in the land for many generations until they were declared “traitors of the plains” by the new king. A bounty was set for their heads, and so the legendary tale of survival began. They were now trophies, they were now… The Hunted.


The trophy: A handsome 8-inch vinyl version of ‘the hunted’ springbuck. Curved horns, perked pointed ears, and mounted on a super glossy sculpted wood grain trophy plaque mounted around his neck as if a platter for his bulbous head. The striking graphic ‘black-and-white-only’ design style of South African born artist Colus make this Dunny a splendid prize.

Ready for display. Limited edition of 1250 pieces worldwide.

The hunt begins April 11th 11am.

Ironclad Decimator 8-inch Dunny : Available Thurs Sept 6th

Magic Pony welcomes the new Ironclad Decimator 8″ Dunny by spooky steampunk artist Doktor A

Professor Teslastein jaggedly cuts, bending back the metal flesh. Feverishly he works to create new vehicles of destruction for his nefarious exploits. Two models take shape from the scraps: in one he plants a vine to give it strength and in the other he gives a piece of himself. The Frankendunnys come alive. He leaves his laboratory, happy with his success, not noticing a third figure has risen from the decay. Concealed in the shadows, its eyes are glowing, gears are turning, and electric current is pulsing with life.

Doktor A’s 8-inch Ironclad Decimator Dunny is available in two editions: the first is shades of metallic silver and gold, with a uniquely sculpted head and body, and transparent blue lightening bolt accessory between the ears. This edition is a KR Exclusive and only available at Kidrobot stores and Magic Pony will have the exclusive Mecha Rupture Edition is matte pink with a black and white high gloss head and details, a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a black transparent lightening bolt. Each figure is an edition of 600 worldwide and extremely limited quantities will be available at Magic Pony on Thurs Sept 6th.

FatCap Series 3 Sneak Preview

The wait is over!

FatCap Series 3 is almost here! Featuring 18 rad designs by artists new and old, Series 3 pushes the platform like never before. With a custom show feel, each member of the series reaches beyond the boundaries in graphics and sculpt, making FatCap crazier, hairier, cuter, meaner, and more human. Three mystery figures mean you really don’t know what you will get… but rest assured, it will be epic. As individual styles, each FatCap is worth fighting for; as a set, they might be worth dying for. Save yourself the funeral fees and buy a case. Available January 26, for a limited time and while supplies last, free blind box style with case pack purchase.

Artists who rock this series are: Devious, Flying Fortress, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, KaNO, Kronk, MCA, Montana Colors, Pez, Queen Andrea, Quisp, Scribe, Shok 1, and Sket One. While supplies last, receive the “Cover the Cap” Sket One FatCap in North America with a case pack purchase, or “Almost Gone” Scribe FatCap everywhere else!



Calavera Dunny Sneak Preview

Urban meets Aztec. An indigenous character from the world of Jesse Hernandez, Calavera is as ancient as he is modern. Standing 8 inches tall, with Aztec-inspired painted patterns around the feet and neck and a fiery feather headdress around its skull, this Dunny exists between the worlds of the living and the dead. Limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide, Calavera emerges December 15th.

Huck Gee’s Day & Night Raku Dunny Coming May 26th!

Here’s some exciting news: on May 26th, we will be getting in the Black Edition of Huck Gee’s new Day & Night Raku Dunnys! The Black Rakus are only available to specialty retailers, and are limited to an edition of 500 per style worldwide. The Day style is a cloth-robed Raku comes with a sculpted tail, removable peasant sandals and plastic bamboo hat, and travels with a coiled rope, bedroll, and walking staff in-hand. While the Night ninja Raku trades his peasant hat for a wind-whipped mask, comes with a sculpted tail, and adds a blade and tekagi-shuko to his lethal arsenal.

Also here’s a nice little bonus to get you excited for the release – a story chronicling the history of Raku:

As a young pup, Raku Narazumono witnessed the brutal execution of his mother and father.  Their taxes were past due – the late fee, their lives.  Dragged to the magistrate’s palace, young Raku was enslaved, forced to clean the gutters and sewers of the mountainside estate.  His days were spent toiling in filth, praying for divine deliverance, and studying every inch of the compound.

While silently contemplating his wishes one dark morning, a shaft of light pierced the clouds, shining down to illuminate a prayer-sword – an answer from the kami.  His salvation.  With righteous fury in his breast, Raku hid in the palace privy awaiting his revenge… he then skewered that foul magistrate from the bottom up.

Now, Raku wanders the countryside by day, a simple peasant with little more than the hat on his head, the sword in his hand and the fire of justice in his heart.  Come nightfall, Raku dons his mask and raids the mansions of corrupt officials, delivering swift and sure righteousness with deadly tekagi-shuko to all those who hold their citizens in thrall.  Redistributing the ill-gotten spoils to the poor and downtrodden, Raku’s mission is to ensure no more orphans suffer his same sorrow.

In the brewing Gold Life struggle, Raku sells his blades to the highest bidder – at times donning the crimson robes for the Red Hand Gang.  While both sides try to eliminate this principled agent of vengeance, none can succeed.  And so, Raku ambles the countryside spreading wealth and hope.

Be warned; Gold Life is coming.