DIY Tokidoki Adios Halloween Workshop with Ginette Lapalme

October is our favourite month, and we encourage dressing up on a daily basis. Come join our Halloween themed DIY PARTY on Sunday, October 20th to decorate your own skele-friend ADIOS from Toki Doki! Special spooky guest artist Ginette Lapalme will be here to inspire some slimy customizations for your ADIOS figure! Lucky attendees can also explore Ginette’s solo exhibition Fait Dodo Peanutte and ask her questions about her art practice. Seating is limited, so get your ticket now! Purchase online or by phone, 416-861-1684. Check out our DIY Unicorno Photo Gallery

• Halloween treats and creepy concoctions will be provided!
• Every attendee gets a special Tokidoki toy treat!
• Seasonal craft supplies! ( feel free to bring anything special you want to use)
• Freaky soundtrack to enjoy while you design!
• meet guest artist Ginette Lapalme
• Costumes not mandatory, but definitely appreciated!

Ginette Lapalme is a Toronto-based visual artist and publisher. Through drawing, painting, sculpture and crafting, Ginette creates imaginary worlds and immersive environments filled with distinctively bizarre creatures and subversive humour. Influenced by the animation and comics culture of her childhood, Ginette uses cartoon style drawing techniques, camp craft aesthetics and a vivid confetti filled palette, creating portals to strange psychedelic moments where reality and fantasy meld into a singular universe. Ginette Lapalme is a graduate of the OCADU Illustration program, and a founding member of the art collective Wowee Zonk. Ginette will be here to share inspiration on character creation, while offering instruction, assistance and feedback. Magic Pony staff will also be here to join in on the fun and help out along the way!

Sunday, October 20th

Magic Pony
680 Queen Street West

Includes one DIY Adios figure & decorating supplies!


Phone us at 416-861-1684 or email





Snikt! The Marvel Universe & Kidrobot Collide!!


Marvel x Kidrobot – two great pop art forces collide into one super-powered explosion of awesome!
Starting July 25th look out for a whole new generation of Kozik Labbits & DIY Munnys!


Make your own Marvel hero with Marvel MUNNY figures! Available in both 3″ and 7″ sizes, these  vinyl MUNNY figures are colored in the based costume design of some of your favorite characters, plus they come with super-powered sticker sheets so you can complete and customize their costumes as you see fit! Choose from Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Venom.


Snikt! Engineered to kill. Destined to do good. This beer drinking, cigar smoking, 7-inch vinyl Logan Labbit is finished with a nasty attitude and rad adamantium colored claw.


Labbit is a great host. Black as death with wide spidery eyes, ferocious fangs, and psychotic tongue, Venom Labbit is pure 7-inch vinyl evil. Only the butt-hole can resist. Some things are too good to go bad.

Marvel MicroMunny

Marvel Micro Munny Miniseries
This supercute blind box series of 2.5″ Marvel Micro MUNNY figures includes Thor, Doctor Octopus, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Venom and Spider-Man.



Marvel Munnyworld Zipper Pulls

Finally, the Kidrobot Marvel MUNNY Zipper Pulls Keychains figures will include blind-boxed Thor, The Thing, Doctor Octopus, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Venom, Spider-Man and Deadpool. Yes, Deadpool!!

Stay tuned for more Marvel x Kidrobot releases!

DIY MUNNYWORLD WORKSHOP with Nathan Jurevicius

Join Magic Pony and guest artist Nathan Jurevicius February 10, for an all-ages DIY toy customization workshop featuring Kidrobot 4” Mini Munnys! During this workshop, each attendee will design and create their very own Munny character and matching Valentine! Keep your Munny for your collection, or gift it to your favorite Valentine friend! Decorating materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring along extra supplies. Seating is limited, so get your ticket now! Purchase online or by phone, 416.861.1684

Nathan Jurecivius is the creator of Scarygirl and Peleda, who come alive through designer toys, animation, online games, graphic novels and artwork. Nathan recently celebrated his 10 year Scarygirl anniversary with a curated exhibition of over 100 artists, at Toy Tokyo in NYC. He has also produced Originally from Australia, Nathan lives and works in Toronto.

• Design your own Mini Munny character
• Make friends with other toy lovers
• Meet guest artist Nathan Jurevicius

Sunday Feburary 10, 2013

Magic Pony, 680 Queen Street West

Tickets are still available for our CRYWOLF UNICORNO WORKSHOP
Scarygirl Figures:

Play the free game at

Peek of the upcoming Peleda videogame:

DIY UNICORNO WORKSHOP with Guest Artists Crywolf

In the spirit of LOVE for all things beautiful and friendly, our friends of CRYWOLF are back at Magic Pony, to host our second all-ages Unicorno DIY party. In this workshop, each attendee will design and create their very own Unicorno character and matching Valentine! Keep your Unicorno for your collection, or gift it to your favorite Valentine friend! Decorating materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring along some extra supplies. Seating is limited so get your ticket now! Purchase online or by phone, 416-861-1684. Check out our DIY Unicorno Photo Gallery

• create your own magical Unicorno + Valentine
• hang with other Tokidoki fans
• meet guest artists Crywolf

Canadian designers  Stephanie Drabik & Rose Chang  – aka the duo CRYWOLF – will be our guest artists at these special workshop. Known for their custom designed, hand printed clothing line, Crywolf also has a world of quirky, adorable characters on everything from jewelry, silkscreened posters to their own very own vinyl toy. Crywolf will be here to share inspiration on character creation, while offering instruction, assistance and feedback. Magic Pony staff will also be here to join in on the fun and help out along the way!

Monday Feburary 11, 2013

Magic Pony
680 Queen Street West

Includes one DIY Unicorno figure + card and decorating supplies!


Phone us at 416-861-1684 or email

Check out our DIY UNICORNO Photo Gallery:

Make Magic with Tokidoki’s DIY Unicorno Contest!


Do you love unicorns, magic and colouring and bedazzling anything and everything? Then you’ll be as excited as we are to know that Tokidoki is having a DIY Unicorno Contest!  It’s super easy: design your very own DIY 5″ Unicorno using the Sharpies included and/or any other materials you love working with. Submit and have a chance to win some super cool prizes, including a one-of-a-kind Unicorno or a complete set of  Unicorno Series 2!

Submissions have already begun so be sure to uncap those markers and get creating!

How to Enter:
1. Buy a 5″ DIY Unicorno.
2. Use your sharpies and other materials to customize your amazing Unicorno!
3.  Take a photo of your creation.
4.  Upload your image to the Tokidoki Facebook submission page.
5. Share your entry to get votes!

Submissions begin on January 2, 2013
Voting begins on January 17, 2013

For more information on the Tokidoki & Sharpie DIY Unicorno Contest, visit Tokidoki’s website here. 



Dec 13th: Festive Crown Making Workshop

Magic Pony is pleased to invite you to our first Festive Crown Making Workshop!!! Inspired by the shimmer of snow and our love for all things hand made, Magic Pony has prepared an evening DIY, hands on workshop for you to come and enjoy and create your own festive accessory!

This time of year is full of magic and making things for people you really like. A festive crown is the best wearable present for a sibling or a best friend or for YOURSELF, You great person!  Put a little glitter on, design something awesome, and enjoy some of our homemade holiday treats while you get creative.

In honour of our traditional Sparkle Frosty celebration, we encourage everyone to bring something to share to help decorate your crowns with!

Ideas for decorations to bring:

tiny trees
holiday baubles
fake flowers/dried flowers
special gems or beads
tie dye fabric
anything you would want to have on your crown!

Thursday Dec 13th

Magic Pony
680 Queen West
416 861 1684

20$ per person or 15$ when you bring decorating items to share

Magic Pony staff will be there to share the fun and offer assistance and expertise along the way. All ages and folks welcome! Please RSVP online! WE CAN”T WAIT!!

Dec 16th : MONSTER FACTORY DIY: Ornamonster Edition!


Monster Factory DIY: Ornamonster Edition!

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄
Magic Pony is excited to introduce Monster Factory’s newest customizable plushie…. the ORNAMONSTER! Here just in time to hang out with all of your other seasonal décor, the Ornamonster is a round ball of fun, looking for YOU to dress him up in his finest.

The creators of Monster Factory will be at Magic Pony on Sunday December 16th, from 5-7pm to help you decorate your very own Ornamonster! Each Ornamonster comes with comes with a design template and name tag. Sewing needles, felt, fabric markers and paint will be provided, but if you want to dress him up in something special, (like sparkly sequins!) please feel free to bring extra décor along.

Sunday Dec 16th
Only $25! Including supplies & one Ornamonster to customize!

Please RSVP online or in the shop!


❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

The Monster Factory is a character toy brand run by Adam Dunn, Rhya Tamasauskas, and Bliss Man. Together they design and create engaging monster characters who live in a bizarre, yet strangely familiar world. Combining their backgrounds in film, art, and fashion, the creators have developed a strong sense of collaboration that affects every aspect of their process from storytelling to product design. Their efforts have produced countless monster characters who, despite their appearances, are just like you and me. This is their second DIY workshop with Magic Pony!

MOBOTO: Urban Vinyl and iOS Unite

Vinyl toys and smartphones come together to create an interactive, “personality-driven” gadget: MOBOTO. He’s an iPhone/iPod/iPad dock that uses a super deformed shape similar to many Kidrobot’s vinyl toys. Load your tech onto him, and MOBOTO turns it into a friend whose personality is customizable with an app! The body allows for the same creative modifications as Munnyworld vinyl figures, so fans of DIY toys will definitely want to get one.

MOBOTO is still at the Kickstarter phase, with a deadline  of July 17th fast approaching. They haven’t reached the goal of $400,000 yet, but with some extra help we can hopefully see MOBOTO on store shelves. For just $50, you get one of the first figures and some extra goodies. Check out the Kickstarter video here:

Zine Dream 5 – Call for Exhibitors!

You better get to the printers, because the 5th annual small press art fair, ZINE DREAM, is fast approaching—and they’re looking for exhibitors! ZINE DREAM is a fair that celebrates small press and creativity in books, comics, zones, music, crafts, and prints. This year, it promises to be bigger and better than ever.




292 Brunsick Avenue (at Bloor St. West and Brunswick Avenue)

If you’d like to exhibit at ZINE DREAM, it’s easy to register. Half tables are available for $15.00, or if you need more space, full tables are $25.00. Tables are limited, so contact as soon as possible for more information about reserving a table. Everyone is welcome to exhibit, whether you are a veteran zinester, or if ZINE DREAM is your first fair.

This year, ZINE DREAM has expanded their programming to August 10th and 11th. On these two days, before the fair begins on Sunday, ZINE DREAM will be hosting a workshop, a panel discussion, and a launch party. As the dates draw closer, more details on these events will be available. It’s a great way to spend a late August weekend, so make a date of it, or hangout with your friends while you explore the indie press community of Toronto.

The website for ZINE DREAM will be updated over the next few weeks, so make sure to check it regularly. In the meantime, you can keep up with ZINE DREAM announcements via their twitter (@ZineDream), Facebook, and Tumblr.

Summertime DIY! Neat Do-It-Yourself Products

The slump of winter is but a distant memory now, and with the return of the sun, you have plenty of energy to spruce up your nest, make beautiful and creative knickknacks for yourself, gifts, or parties. For the DIY-er who’s ready to stretch their creativity this season, Magic Pony has got you covered! If you’re looking for a weekend craft, or want to flex your imagination, here are some artistic products that allow you to completely personalize them!

Munnyworld DIY Toys

from KidRobot

Kidrobot’s DIY Munnyworld figures are incredibly fun. If you have not tried customizing one of these figures before, we suggest you make sure to pick one up ASAP! The figure is provided as a mere base that the artist can customize without end. The vinyl surface of a Munny takes pencil, pen, markers, paint, stickers, and almost any media you can use. You can carve into the vinyl, or glue 3-D additions onto your Munny as well. Clay, like Sculpey, is easy to mould and bake in your home oven.

Munnyworld figures are available in a variety of characters beyond the humanoid Munny. Raffy, a giraffe-like figure, is great if you want to create a 4-legged figure. Other 2-legged variations include Trikky, Bub, Kracka, and Foomi. The figures are available in 4″ or 7″ sizes. Each figure allows endless creativity. If you’re not already addicted, after trying one of these, it’s easy to understand why all ages love Munnyworld toys.

Check out all of the Munnyworld figures, and related products, we have available on our online store!


Stamp Sets

from YellowOwl

Adding the extra personal touch to stationary makes your notes and cards so much more special! Or use them to make homely, inexpensive, and unique patterned wrapping paper. Yellow Owl Workshop’s stamp sets are add a creative and crafty flair to greeting cards and stationary. Each set includes 5 themed cute stamps that are made in the United States from natural rubber and are mounted on a maple block. Each theme is great for any occasion!

Also available are Yellow Owl’s ink pads, sold separately.

Check out our selection of Yellow Owl’s products here.


Ty DIY Shower Curtain

from Grain

Shower curtains are the biggest and best way to personalize a bathroom, so why not personalize your shower curtain? Grain’s Ty DIY Shower Curtain is a canvas you can simply draw on with a permanent marker. Create patterns, illustrations, messages, inspirational quotes, anything! Or, gather a bunch of friends together to doodle on your shower curtain and make a party out of it.

Ty is a type of plastic that is more environmentally and health conscious than traditional vinyl. It is a stronger material than vinyl, so it will last longer, and harmful mould and mildew are less likely to grow. As a bonus, this shower curtain is recyclable! After you are finished with it, cut off the metal grommets and you can easily throw it in a blue bin.

This creative and nature-friendly curtain is available in store and online.


State of Craft

Edited by Victoria Woodcock

This is a the only book a DIY-er needs, whether you’re a veteran crafter or newbie State of Craft is one of the most popular craft books available, and for good reason too: it has over 60 projects to choose from for your own use, or for any occasion. Every craft is clearly explained, has helpful illustrations, and allows a lot of room for personal customization. Also, it teaches you how to sew, knit, and crochet!

Some of my favourite crafts are Victoria Woodcock’s “Big Jumper Pouffe,” which is shockingly easy to make out of an old, large knit sweater; Coralie Sleep’s “Barrel Bag” which proves just how simple it is to make a duffle bag; State of Craft has A LOT of decoration ideas, and Catherine Miller, from craft-centic blog Little Glowing Lights, teaches you to make lovely garlands which are easy, inexpensive decorations from supplies found around the house and at dollar stores.

Flip through the book in shop, or check it out on our online store.

New Summer Zines!

Some of our favorite but potentially least represented items in our shop are the hand-printed zines we carry from local artists. These amazing little books are often made on very limited editions and because of this are not nearly as well known as some of the other books we carry at Magic Pony. This post represents the first of a hopefully ongoing effort to recognize and feature some of these amazing artist books.

If you have a zine, chapbook, or comic that you would like to submit to the shop, please send a link to your website or blog and a description of the project to


Summoning Sickness – Adrienne Kammerer

Summoning Sickness is a collection of Adrienne’s past graphite drawings that have been reprinted in a beautiful sepia tone ink. Within her practice Adrienne often takes a very humorous approach to antiquated notions of witchcraft, superstition, and the supernatural, making them relatable for her audience but also maintaining a slight air of mystery and mysticism.

4 x 6 inches; 12 pages; Sepia-tone ink; Risograph inside; Silkscreened cover. Printed By Jesjit Gill; Edition of 175. *Photographs taken from Jesjit’s Flickr page.

Available on our online store.



Black Mass Six – Patrick Kyle

Black Mass Six is the newest issue in Patrick Kyles ongoing series of comics that feature a time traveling punk-slash-wizard named Turdswallo Blackteeft. Patrick takes an experimental approach to drawing his comics in that he does not use the traditional frame or panel to contain scenes or characters. Everything seems to float and merge with everything else on the page creating a really non-traditonal and exciting reading experience. This is definitely going to be something of interest to any experienced comic reader or creator.

40 Pages, Black ink. Risograph inside. 2 colour risograph cover. Printed by Patrick Kyle. *Photographs taken from Patrick Kyle’s website.

Available on our online store.


Untitled – Alicia Nauta

This untitled risographed zine from collage-based printmaker, Alicia Nauta is a beautiful collection of patterns and cryptic symbols. Alicia says that she made all of these shapes and textures by manipulating found and handmade imagery using a photocopier. By using a mixture of machine deteriorated imagery, geometric shapes, patterns, coloured inks, and halftones Alicia has managed to create a sense of unique timelessness, giving the impression that the book could have been made at any time in the distant past or even the far future.

24 pages, Blue ink, Risograph inside. 2 colour risograph cover. Printed by Jesjit Gill. Edition of 100. Preview looping GIF taken from Alicia Nauta’s blog.

Available on our online store.


Magic Pony’s Super Camp! Starting July 4-8 & 11-14!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a superhero, superstar or just plain super? Whatever you dream of being, Magic Pony’s Super Camp will have you imagining, making, exhibiting and inhabiting your very own super character creations!

Everyone who loves video games, cartoons or action figures will be excited to learn how their favourite characters were created – and how to create their own! From conception to construction – including designing costumes, toys, comics and accessories – the ins and outs, tips and tricks of making your very own, memorable characters will allow even the most talented and lively campers to shine. Led by the award-nominated artist collective Wowee Zonk with guest appearances by local designers, each full-day of our five day program balances the development of creative skills with fun and play to ensure a rounded, enjoyable and safe experience.

Set within Magic Pony, Toronto’s premiere space for young contemporary art, campers will be immersed in a real gallery environment where, at the end of camp, they will exhibit and wear their own incredible creations! Parents won’t want to miss their campers confidently displaying their unique characters, or the camp yearbook they’ll receive to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Be a part of our original, exciting program and let your young artists shine – only at Super Camp!

There are two five day slots available, each with limited space available. All of Magic Pony’s Super Camps cost $350 per camper. This fee includes all leadership,materials, two snacks, pre- and after-care and applicable taxes.
Earlybird Savings Deal : Register for Super Camp before June 25th and save $50 off the regular price of $400!
Register your camper on the our website today!
Session One: July 4-8
Session Two: July 11-15


Click here for Full Registration Info or email us at