1508, 2012

What Makes A Baby: A Book for the 21st Century Family

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What Makes A Baby is an inclusive answer to the “where do babies come from” book that is applicable to […]

1106, 2012

Souther Salazar’s “Alejandro and the Idea Machine”

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Souther Salazar will be exhibiting at Narwhal Art Projects this Saturday, June 16 in a solo show entitled “You and […]

806, 2012

ZeFrank’s An Invocation for Beginnings

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“This is an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun; whose stuck in a terrible place between zero and one.”
It is […]

2405, 2012

Video: The World’s First Cupcake ATM!

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Sprinkles Cupcakes is the world’s first cupcake bakery and progenitor of the gourmet cupcake craze. They recently launched cupcake popularity […]

2006, 2011

Domo-Kun Creator Introduces New Character: Komaneko!

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Check out these super-cute stop-motion clips starring an adorable kitty-cat named Komaneko. Apparently in Japanese, koma stand for a single […]

1005, 2011

FriendsWithYou “Wish Come True” Video Happiness

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Check out these new crazily colourful videos from Miami art collective, FriendsWithYou.  Both videos feature characters from FWY’s wonderful world of […]

2504, 2011

Opening Friday May 13th 7-10pm

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Narwhal Art Projects is pleased to present IN-BETWEEN, the first Canadian solo exhibition with Miami artist/designer Alvaro Ilizarbe (aka FREEGUMS). […]