What Makes A Baby: A Book for the 21st Century Family

What Makes A Baby is an inclusive answer to the “where do babies come from” book that is applicable to all kinds of families. After being successfully funded by a Kickstartr campaign, this book by sex educator Cory Silverberg and illustrator Fiona Smyth has become a great response and tool for Canada’s changing family landscape.

For those of you who don’t know, Cory Silverberg is an author and founding member of Come as You Are Co-Operative. Fiona Smyth is an artist, illustrator, graphic novelist and OCAD U instructor. Corey and Fiona decided to make this book to help nurture the diversity and creativity of different families and individuals, and to create something that both acknowledges our differences and connects all of us together. Fiona works to create art that is accessible and that speaks truthfully of human experience. It is often about identity and empowerment, What Makes A Baby is the story of how humans are created without the traditional pre tense of “mommy+daddy+intercourse = you!”

Truthfully, there are many more ways that families are created and people are brought into the world . It might be by way of adoption or a surrogate, or a turkey baster and a friend, and sometimes people don’t grow and you need to try again.

The message behind What Makes A Baby isn’t how we were made, but more importantly, who was waiting for us when we arrive. Printed locally and made by a local artist and author, this book is a touching piece of Canadian art that everyone can learn from!

You can purchase the book via the book’s website or the online store for Come As You Are.

Souther Salazar’s “Alejandro and the Idea Machine”

Souther Salazar will be exhibiting at Narwhal Art Projects this Saturday, June 16 in a solo show entitled “You and Me (And the Mouse in the Moon).” The lighthearted, illustrative style of his flat works comes to life when he applies it to 3-dimensional, installation pieces. Combining collage, sculpture, and illustration, his art is enlivening, and a journey for the eye to discover. It’s easy to want to live within the whimsical worlds that Souther creates!

Come by the opening reception of “You and Me (And the Mouse in the Moon)” at Narwhal Art Projects (2988 Dundas Street West, Toronto) between 6pm and 10pm on Saturday! Earlier that day, The Trading Tortoise will also be open from 1pm to 3pm. The Trading Tortoise is a traveling installation project in which people can bring in any item and trade it for something else they have found.

Read more about Souther’s solo show, and The Trading Tortoise Project here!

If you are unfamiliar with his works, here’s a preview of Souther’s work; it’s an installation that was created for the 2012 Fumetto Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, and Los Angeles.

ZeFrank’s An Invocation for Beginnings

“This is an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun; whose stuck in a terrible place between zero and one.”

It is perhaps easiest to doubt ourselves when we are creating; uncertain to what fruits will come of our labour, its reception, and if it will be eventually classified as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Ze Frank’s inspirational quips remind us of our abilities to create and that second-guessing ourselves will always be unproductive. Every work of creativity is always a risk.

Ze Frank is an web-based public speaker who has been featured on TED, and gained internet fame in 2001. He created the daily web series “The Show with Ze Frank,” and recently a new series, “A Show.” He focuses on the web as a creative platform that is as active, and important, as physical, daily life. “On street corners everywhere, people are looking at their cell phones, and it’s easy to dismiss this as some sort of bad trend in human culture. But the truth is life is being lived there.”

For more inspiration, you might also enjoy Neil Gaiman’s incredible convocation address to “make good art.”

Video: The World’s First Cupcake ATM!

Sprinkles Cupcakes is the world’s first cupcake bakery and progenitor of the gourmet cupcake craze. They recently launched cupcake popularity into the world of modern technology, opening the first fully automated cupcake ATM–open 24 hours a day! Their first location of the brightly colored cupcake dispenser is located in Beverly Hills, but lookout for 3 more location opening in New York very very soon! Check out the Huffington Post video here for the full scoop.

Domo-Kun Creator Introduces New Character: Komaneko!


Check out these super-cute stop-motion clips starring an adorable kitty-cat named Komaneko. Apparently in Japanese, koma stand for a single frame of video and neko means cat, so this feline pal’s name literally tanslates to Stop-Motion Cat!  Also, here’s another cool fact about this cat: Komaneko is the brainchild of director Tsuneo Gōda, who is became famous for creating the insanely popular and lovable brown Domo-kun.


FriendsWithYou “Wish Come True” Video Happiness

Magic Pony loves Wish Come True by FriendsWithYou

Check out these new crazily colourful videos from Miami art collective, FriendsWithYou.  Both videos feature characters from FWY’s wonderful world of Wish Come True, which you may remember from their DAYDREAMERS exhibition with us last year. On their Youtube page, FWY describe Wish Come True as a place where “everyone is happy and lucky and always make everyone’s Wish Come True!”. It’s hard not to agree with this cheery proclamation after experiencing these hilariously cute clips! Bingo Bango!

Wish Come True – Laughing Song

Wish Come True – Dance Dance

Opening Friday May 13th 7-10pm

Freegums Solo Show at Narwhal Toronto

Narwhal Art Projects is pleased to present IN-BETWEEN, the first Canadian solo exhibition with Miami artist/designer Alvaro Ilizarbe (aka FREEGUMS). IN-BETWEEN features Ilizarbe exploring space, patterns, and the energy that lies in-between. Not limited to the edges of the canvas, the Narwhal exhibition space will be an immersive op-art experience – a series of hallucinogenic black and white patterns on amorphous wooden pieces disguised on identically patterned wallpaper. The wood paintings’ swirling lines blend seamlessly into the background, becoming one. Contrasting line work creates a visual vibration and a tension within the environment, playing with the viewers’ conscious interpretation. Through this installation and body of paintings, Alvaro is revealing the awareness of spatial energy that lies between oneself and the object.

IN-BETWEEN runs from May 13- June 12 with an opening reception Friday, May 13 from 7-10pm.

The creative wit behind the state of mind described as Freegums is Miami based artist Alvaro Ilizarbe. A staple of the South Floridian lifestyle, Ilizarbe came to Miami from his home country of Peru in 1989. After graduating with a BA in design, a desire to make his innovative work widely accessible led both quickly and logically to the inception of the Freegums clothing label.

With an ardent appreciation for madcap aesthetics, comfort, and individuality, Freegums trans- form the everyday garment into a timeless personal gesture. Featured in art shows, boutiques and publications internationally, the Freegums collection cannot be classified as a street-wear brand or high-fashion line, but rather as a conceptually-based art project label manifesting in fashion, design, video, installation and performance.

Runs May 13 – June 12, 2010

Freegums Magic Pony Narwhal Toronto

Acrylic on wood 38″ x 88″

Freegums Magic Pony Narwhal Toronto
Acrylic on wood 37 x 49″

Acrylic on wood 49 x35″

Freegums Magic Pony Narwhal Toronto

Acrylic on wood 47 x 32″

Freegums Magic Pony Narwhal Toronto
Acrylic on wood 60 x 41″

Freegums Magic Pony Narwhal Toronto
Acrylic on wood 55 x 44″

Freegums Magic Pony Narwhal Toronto

Silkscreen on cotton


“Museum Quality” Freegums from Alvaro Ilizarbe on Vimeo.


Piewalk from Alvaro Ilizarbe on Vimeo